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How to write a research paper


How to write a research paper

How to write a research paper is todays topic. Yes, i am back with the guide on how to write a research paper. I eventually, came across the people with great ideas for paper. The problem with them is how to write a research paper? Thus i decide to write this article.

In 2014 total scientific research papers published by Indians  were around 40000. This number is probably improved to 60000 in 2018.

This article particularly, helps the beginner to start writing their own research papers. Research paper writing is not a difficult at all. It needs the proper arrangement of things to present.

To write a research paper, you need the basic writing skills. The English language is acceptable all over the world. Most of the times, experts suggest to use past tense for your paper.

Example of how to write a research paper in past tense:

Instead of saying-

1. I reach to these results.

2. I reach to this conclusion

3. I face this problem

Rather say-

1. Author has achieved these results.

2. Author concludes that-

3. Author has came across this problem

The above mention sentences will help you to understand the language to write a research paper.

Well , to start with the discussion, let me tell you, the research paper is simply consists of-

  • A title

  • Abstract

  • Keywords

  • Introduction

  • Literature survey

  • Main body

a. Methodology

  • b. Diagrams/ simulations/ experimental setup

c. Results and discussion

  • Conclusion

  • References

  • Acknowledgement

Let me talk about each part in detail.

  • A title

A title of the research paper must be relevant and most suitable to the topic of research. It must express what exactly is present in the research paper.

  • Abstract

Abstract is a summary of (usually 100 to 150 words) about the research paper. In abstract, you may add some key points of the recent research or surveys carry out by others.

It is simply a trailer of your research paper. Upon reading, one must get clear idea about what is exactly present in your research paper.

  • Keywords

The most important thing, selecting the proper keywords. Most of the times the research papers are search by others with the keywords. Probably, You must have 3 to 5 keywords for your research paper.

Please select the keywords very thoughtfully. It must clear the things like, what process, concept, definitions, technology and research is present in your paper.

  • Introduction

The introduction of a research paper mainly presents the current scenario. What research is done by others. How  you can carry research. What are the assumptions. In what way you completed the research. Basic concepts of various topics. Various situations you come across. How you have selected the solution.

The introduction of a research paper is very important part. It gives the detail idea about the basics of the research work. It also present the resent research on the same topic by others. Sometimes it lasts for around 200 to 250 words.

  • Literature survey

The literature survey is just the presented to explain , what work the other researchers have presented. While writing it one must refer the others research articles.

In my opinion, you must refer the recent research papers of the authors (Around 10-15). The selection of papers to refer is another important thing. I suggest you to select the papers of recent 2 to 3 years.

  • Main body

The main body of the research paper presents the actual research you want to present. It involves the actual things you have done. May be rather reflects your work. Main body includes following:

a. Methodology

The methodology part consists of the methods you select to reach to the results. It explain about the things like software, hardware, algorithm, program, theorem, process, or the way you select to achieve results.

b. Diagrams/ simulations/ experimental setup

This section adds more value to your research paper. Here you have to explain your own creations. In my view, it is most important part of your research paper.

c. Results and discussion

Here, the actual results are presented. You must discuss the results to make others understand, what you conclude from it. The results are the sort of proofs for your research work. It is a experimental evidence of the work you expect to complete. It helps to prove your expectations are fulfill from the experiment.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is simply the summary of your research work. In this part, you may add the scope for future developments. You must comment on your research here. You may add the key points you studied during your work. It must be around 100 to 150 words.

  • References

At last, the most important part of the paper is references. It is a list of the research papers you refer. I suggest you to cite all the papers. Also other documents and sources you refer. Moreover, it is a sort of credit to other researchers for indirect contribution to your research.

  • Acknowledgement

It includes the thanks message for all. Altogether, who directly or indirectly involve in your research work. It is the appreciation to the people who helped you.

Further, below figure shows the steps to remember while writing a research paper.

How to write a research paper

Fig: How to write a research paper (Various things to be included in the research paper)

Important things about how to write a research paper:

The following points will help you for writing effectively:

  • Do not copy others work

  • Check grammar

  • All diagrams must be your creation

  • Use simple language

  • Cite all the sources you refer

  • Avoid confusing contents

  • Add the name of contributing authors only

  • Check plagiarism

  • Do not include information of dispute

  • Never add any confidential information

  • Without prior permission of authority avoid using their data

Of course, i hope, this information will help you in writing your first research paper. Before submitting the paper to any journal, you must go through my previous blog posts.

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Finally, the above posts will help you. This is all i can help you about how to write a research paper in short time.

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