Special Issues

JournalNX encourages the academic institutions and universities to publish the special issue for the scientific conferences organized. While we will also help the better articles choice and scrutiny process for the academic research conference articles in association with an organizer of the conference.

The conference organizers are working for better quality scientific articles choice, before publishing the scientific article we also carry out the plagiarism checking and peer-review of the academic articles. We have set the high ethical standards for academic articles to get published in the special issue. The plenty of conferences are running across the globe daily, we have selected the academic articles to publish in special issue from the national and international conferences matching to the scope of the JournalNX Check here .

Generally, we accept the scholarly, scientific, & academic research articles of an excellent quality of contents to publish in the special issue of the journal. All the scholarly articles selected for final publication are available immediately for open access.

We are taking care of the improvements in the research papers to publish. Convener and coordinator of the academic conference are also contributing to us. The wide range of the scholarly articles is present in our archive. The peer-reviewed articles published in the special conference issue are as per the ethics and guidelines set by our editorial board members for the quality maintenance of the scholarly journal.

Quality assurance of published research papers

For maintaining a quality of the research papers to be published with the special issue following measures have been taken:

Authors must scan

In case of any further help required on published research papers do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

Peer reviewed