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Research Paper Topics


Research Paper Topics

Research paper topics can be a list of bulk titles.

In many blogs you will find the list of research paper topics. What extra i can give you? Can i solve your problems?

The answer is yes for sure!!!

Well i will add something to your knowledge. I will tell you how to select a research paper topic. I express my thoughts in simple words. i will make you feel easy. First off all, check following.

Whenever you are thinking of writing a research paper, you must consider following points:

  • Topic must be recent
  • You must be working on the topic
  • It should include some analysis
  • Some experimental results are much needed
  • Probable references must be available
  • Your area of interest for future research
Research Paper Topics

Picture-1: Research Paper Topics


Moreover, searching for the research paper topics may not help you. As you start thinking on your area of interest. May be you come across certain problems to address. In this article, i am going to share the secrete behind the research paper topic selection.

Like it, superb!!! Now let me tell you how i searched my research topic.

This is my personal experience. It helps you definitely, i am dam sure!!!

Well, here we go!!!

Well i still remember, when i was a M.Tech Student. My supervisor want me to search some topic for my M.Tech Project. I was also one of you.

Firstly, I search many websites, blogs, ask my friends to help me out. It dose not work for me. I was really helpless. Off course, no one can help when we are in need.  Finally i come across one of my professor Dr. Iranna M. Korachgaon.

I have discussion about the problem i am facing with Dr. Iranna. Dr. Iranna has taken a pause for a while and suddenly said…

“ Research topics are never present on the lists on websites. While one has to create an opportunity for research.’’

I am confuse, well what makes me to create opportunity? My reply was, sir can you please tell me about how to search topic?

Then he revealed the secrete. He said , it is very easy to find the topic for research.

To find the topic for research paper follow the steps:

  • Decide broad area of any topic of your interest.
  • Visit the website like Shodhganga
  • Go through the conclusion and future scope of the PhD reports of your interest
  • You will easily find the probable unsolved problems
  • Identify which topic you are suppose to work on
  • Survey about the topic
  • Come on with some final topic

and thats it. Yes finding the topic for research is that simple (Although it is not) he said.

Thats where i first time come to know how important it is to read others work. Most of the research topics are selected from the literature survey.

Friends, What i suggest you is not only one you go through minimum 20-25 thesis. Then only you come up with some solution on what topic to choose. Moreover, i hope you like this article on research paper topics and projects selection.

“I am damn sure, it will work.”

Lastly, if you are ready with your topic, please refer my article on How to write a research paper. This will definitely help you during writing.

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  1. Krishnamurthy Prabhakar says:

    Thank you very much professor for providing good guidance for early research scholar.

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