From Editor

An immense pleasure to express this editorial note!!!

I am happy to communicate about the refereed journal of engineering science, management, and technology. My editorial team is working to make JournalNX the best journal of the peer-reviewed sources. We have taken the great initiative to shorten the time for completion of a peer-review process.

I am damn confident to make our journal the best-refereed journal for the upcoming time. The international approach with the wider range of the scope of this journal will be the prominent feature of this refereed journal. The highly refereed journals are impacting the society and providing the new opportunities to the researchers to work on.

Journal international with its peer-reviewed sources available to open access makes this the best journal. The targeted audience of this refereed journal will be research scholars working in the science, technology and management area.

We will be working to make publishing experience better day by day with the research team working with journal international. The online paper submission system is one of the easiest systems I have ever gone through.

I have joined as a reviewer with the former title International Journal of Research Publications in Engineering and Technology in early 2016 and the fair rotation policy of the positions given me the opportunity to lead the editorial activities of this international journal. The fair selection process and the policies to make every editorial member active will be most probably the reason behind making this the best journal. I express my deepest gratitude to the editorial and reviewers team for their continuous enduring efforts.

I appeal to the scientific society to join us with peer-review board. I invite the experts to contribute to our mission to become the best journal.

Dr. V. N. Gohokar
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, MMCOE, India
Editor In-Chief, JournalNX
Peer reviewed