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Peer reviewed journals insights


Peer Reviewed Journals:

Hello friends, I have come up with the treat of the concepts of peer reviewed journals insights for you. I am gonna tell you what is a peer reviewed journal?  What is peer review process for an academic journal? The peer reviewed journals are the ones following the process of peer review for article selection. Let us discuss the process of peer review in coming section.

Peer Review

The peer review is in existence since 300 years.Process of the peer review is very simple to understand. You may remember the incidences where you were asked to write some essay in the school. Before submitting the essay you might have taken the opinion of your mother, father, brother or some friends to make the essay effective. The same thing will be the target for carrying out the peer review.

When you submit a research paper to any academic journal, the editor assigns the peer reviewer to your paper. The peer reviewer is the one who is expert in the area your research field. Someone who is working in the same domain since past can be the reviewer. The reviewer goes through the things you presented in the paper.

In other words the reviewer is the examiner for your paper. Depending upon the quality of work presented the reviewer gives some comments for improvement of the paper. The comments are not only useful to make the decision about acceptance of the paper but also the guidelines to improve the paper.  Basically the process of the peer review consists of thought processes shown in figure1.

peer reviewed journals

Fig.1: Processes involved in Peer Review Process

Academic Journals

The academic journals most of the times allots the academicians as a reviewer. Most of the academic journals are dependent on the academic faculty for completion of the peer review. Peer reviewed journals invites the academicians to work as a reviewer voluntarily.

Most of the times there is no cost involve for peer review. This is the only reason for failure or late completion of peer review.  Someone working for other just for the sake of betterment of the society does not suit to today’s academicians.

In my opinion there is nothing wrong in paying some respectable amount for completion of the peer review. The peer reviewed journals are facing the issues like delay in the review. Paying the bucks’ rupees to the reviewer can be the solution for the academic journals.

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