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All Issues

JournalNX publishes the original scientific research articles after completion of the peer-review process. JournalNX being monthly published collects the Research articles since 2015. The peer-reviewed journal articles published in various issues of JournalNX are available for citation and use of the scientific researchers. The journal articles are from the various core areas of Engineering, technology, science, and management. We being the supporters of the open access offer the published articles for reading and download without any login. The published article with us is under the creative commons license, which makes the journal article available for free use. We welcome the Universities and libraries to access the journal articles without any hesitation. The published journal articles despite the huge volume are continuously submitted to the various indexing agencies and depositories (Check Here). JournalNX is working for the better citations and search to the scientific research articles published.

Guide on How to find my published articles

Despite the continuously improved user experience we feel it is better to offer the guidance on how to reach to the particular published article, the way you can search the articles is as below:

1. Use Search Option at home page

  • Search by author name
  • Search by the titles of the published articles
  • Search by the paper Id
  • Search by keywords of journal articles

2. Reach by Volume-issue

Another way is to visit the particular volume and issue where you can find all the research articles published in tabulated format. Once you reach to your journal article, you can find the more insights of your published article by clicking on the title. We offer the separate page for every published article.

3. Google Search

Direct google search with the name of author or the other details of published journal articles will also help in reaching to your article.

Research for a rebel of the scientific publishing is the key aim of digital archival of the published journal articles. We also grant the freedom to the authors of research articles to share their published articles with the world on various platforms available.

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