Development Of Industrial Area SUPA Industrial Park (20150796)

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Abstracts : An Industrial area is an area zone and planned for the purpose of Industrial development. Areas allocated for industrial as per department of a town-planning scheme or environmental plan. The range of industries accommodated in a plan may include: light industry, service industry, and general industry hazardous, noxious or offensive industry, extractive industry. Standards are usually defined for industrial areas relating to access and roads, drainage, car parking, aesthetics, landscaping, buffer zones, noise levels, and air and water pollution.
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Prof. Girish Subhash Patil , "Development Of Industrial Area SUPA Industrial Park", JournalNX - A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal, 2ndSCSMQIPC2019, ISSN : 2581-4230, Page No. 29-34
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