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Abstracts : Numerous techniques are utilized to hide information in different organizations in steganography. The most broadly utilized system by virtue of its straightforwardness is the utilization of the Least Significant Bit. Least Significant Bit or its variations are typically used to shroud information in a digital image. Alternate bits might be utilized yet it is exceedingly likely that picture would be twisted. This paper talks about the workmanship and investigation of Steganography as a rule and proposes a novel procedure to shroud information in a beautiful picture utilizing minimum huge piece.
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Modified Date : 2018-04-30
Miss. Pooja N. Dhawale , Miss. Prajakta S. Patil , Miss. Shubhangi M. Waskar , "A STEGANOGRAPHY IMPLEMENTATION", JournalNX - A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal, QIPCEI2K18, ISSN : 2581-4230, Page No. 133-137
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