Volume 2, Issue 7


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Abstracts : This paper deals with optimization of Gripper engine block manipulator. The Gripper provides the holding to the engine block is mounted on the Subject manipulator. There are two brackets to hold engine block. Analysis is done on one gripper and the results are considered for other one gripper. Analysis is done for only Gripper. On production line first clamp engine block, lift engine block then rotate 180º and keep on same position on assembly line its two degree freedom. The gripper manipulator is a two degrees-offreedom manipulator, with one linear hoist and rotates with help pneumatic motor. FEM Optimization is useful in designing the new shape and size with reduced design time. It also helps to reduction of unnecessary material and thereby weight of the component decreases. To optimized design with the help of hyper mesh, hyper works and optistuct solver for optimization the design. A gripper is used to hold work piece accurately & stable during the engine block handling. Because of increase in global competition we must decrease the cost and at the same time increase the performance and achieve all these with time constraint. Topology optimization tool is used not only designing gripper bracket analysis to get better design with less time but also helps in the reduce of unwanted material. Gripper engine block Structure is optimized to minimize the mass and the stress requirements.
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Modified Date : 2016-07-25
V.C.BARAVKAR , V. S. AHER , "STRUCTURE OPTIMIZATION OF GRIPPER MANIPULATOR USING OPTISTRUCT http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijrpet/16720470", JournalNX - A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal, Volume 2, Issue 7, ISSN : 2581-4230, Page No. 10-15
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